Advice Service

We all have problems and concerns from time to time. It is crucial to your happiness and success at University that you don't let small concerns or issues develop into insurmountable problems. The BCSU Advice Centre is here to offer you advice and support on a wide range of issues and to help you make the right choices. The Advice Centre is run by the Students’ Union independently of the college, so you can rely on our impartiality and confidentiality.


All sessions are completely free for all enrolled students. 


The Advice Centre is here to advocate for you on all the issues mentioned below. . .

Simon is also able to support you with legal cases, such as hearings in the County Court, and if you wish attend Court with you and represent you.

Some of the areas that the Advice Centre covers include:

  • Academic issues Appeals and complaints within your department or generally in the college.
  • Accommodation Getting your deposit back, small claims court, repairs, unfair terms within contracts, tenancy agreement checking service and general advice on your housing rights
  • Money Advice Write to credit companies to negotiate payment plans, negotiate with college over non payment of fees or accommodation rents, help with looking for extra areas of funding and also offers advice on budgeting
  • Employment rights Break entitlement, minimum wage, National Insurance Numbers and bullying and harassment at work
  • Consumer Rights Taking products back, internet buying, distance selling and general statutory rights on purchases in any area.
  • International Student Issues Homesickness, fees and general and local information. Visa issues are supported through the International Office and the College Registry (due to Home Office regulations).
  • Legal Help with any legal situations that students face themselves in such as court summons or any other legal matter
  • Personal safety, sexual health, alcohol and drug issues.

Opening times:

The Advice Centre operates a drop-in first-come first-served policy, however you can arrange a meeting with Simon by dropping him an email at or a voicemail on 020 7631 6655.

During term time the Advice Centre is open for drop-in from 12pm until 7pm Monday to Friday, and by appointment outside of these hours. Outside of term, the Centre is open from 11am until 6:30pm for drop-in and by appointment outside these hours.

Find Simon:

The BBKSU Advice Centre is located in a dedicated confidential office, room 454, on the fourth floor of the main building. To get there, you need to take Lift B to the fourth floor and walk ahead towards the Students' Union and the Birkbeck Bar. The office is on the left just before you turn in the corridor. You can also contact Simon Upton by email.