OIA Complaints

Complaints to the OIA FAQ's 

If you have completed all procedures within the College regarding an appeal or complaint, you can complain to the Office of Independent Adjudicators Higher Education (OIAHE known as OIA)  


Who are the OIA? 

The OIA are an independent and impartial review body who investigate student complaints for England and Wales. Their role is to see if the student complaint was handled correctly, and to see if the outcome of complaint was just. 

They have been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute as the consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body for higher education. 

They are not a court to offer persecution or legal penalties. 


When can I complain? 

You must have received a Completion of Procedures Letter (CoP). 

This means the College have either exhausted all options, you as the student are not happy with the outcome and you are no longer able to further complain or appeal the matter with the College.  

Once you have received your CoP letter, you will have up to 12 months to submit your complaint to the OIA. 


How can I complain? 

Please click on the following useful link: https://www.oiahe.org.uk/students/how-to-complain-to-us/  


What complaints can the OIA do and not do? 

Please look at the Rules of the OIA to find out more: 



How long is the process? 

The process to resolve your complaint can take around 3 months but can be done sooner. However, they will keep you updated and let you know estimated timeframes. 


Can BBKSU still help me? 

Yes! BBKSU Advice will still offer support and guidance to you through the process. 

However, once the OIA have made their verdict, we will not be able to help beyond that point. 

Please fill out form here if you have an OIA complaint to make.