Apply for Academic Rep or Co-opted Special Committees

Monday 02-11-2015 - 15:57
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Apply to be an Academic Programme Representative and/of a member of a Special Committee


Extended: Applications now close at 5pm Wednesday 18 November!




In adition to the posts that are being elected (which also lists these that are being co-opted or recruited), we have a number of opportunities to enhance the student voice and for your to get involved with your Union. First, there are the Academic Programme Reps, we are looking to recruit at least one for each year of each recognised course at Birkbeck - e.g. Year 2 BA Archaeology and Year 3 BSc (Econ) Finance and Mathematics etc. What to be a programme rep? The more the merrier! Simply complete the Application and email it in by 13 November.


Additionally, we have a number of new posts being rolled out this year: postions chairing special sub-committee of the Executive Committee which look after different groups of clubs, societies, sports and student activity (e.g. Athletic Clubs or Arts societies) and of course the Summer Ball & Entertainments Committee - when over 1,000 students say yes to a Ball, we gotta get some keen people in to make it happen!


Quick download of Application Form (note, this is different from the election form).


Sub-committee Chairs: Chair Academic Societies Guild | Chair Arts Board | Chair Athletics Clubs Committee | Chair Community Action & Campaigns Committee | Chair Media Group | Chair Social & Cultural Societies Group


Summer Ball & Entertainments Committee: Treasurer & Sponsorship Secretary | Social Secretary (Intercollegiate) | Social Secretary (on campus) | Social Secretary (off campus) | General Committee members (x4)


N.b: The Chairs of the sub-committee will become voting members of the Union Council and four of the Summer Ball & Entertainments Committee members. These co-options will be made by the Executive Committee, and approve by ratififaction at the Union Council on 30 November.

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