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Wednesday 02-11-2016 - 12:41
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This election for Non-Sabbatical Officers and Union Councillors is a great opportunity for current Birkbeck students to help the development and shape the direction of the Students' Union. This academic year is an important year for the Students' Union as we go through a strategic review to reflect the growing changes at Birkbeck.

Student Council is something all students can get involved in and is the highest student representative body in your Students' Union. It exists to ensure that students have a say over how their Union is run and what policies are adopted. Student Council can discuss the campaigns and events that the Students' Union supports, and also hear about what elected Officer are up to, and scrutinises the work we are doing every day for our students. 


What is a Union Councillor?

Councillors are responsible for representing the views of students in their department or representative group within the Students' Union, the University, and also the wider community. They are expected to seek out the opinions of their students and relay key messages from the Students' Union to them. 

Councillors debate motions and also vote on policies submitted to the Student Council. They are a key part in our democratic process in the Students' Union, and also hold the elected Officers to account. It may not sound as lavish as standing for the Non-Sabbatical Officer roles, but it does give you a valuable insight to how Students' Unions work.


What do I gain as a Union Councillor?

You can gain valuable experience in public speaking. Interpersonal skills and being able to communicate your ideas and views effectively are key and you can develop this during your time in Council.

Learning about how Students' Unions work and 


What does a non-sabbatical officer do?

Similar work with the Union Councillors, but they also work with the Sabbatical Officers in providing support for their relevant campaigns. An example is that the Postgraduate Officer can assist with the Education Officer in their representation work on academic affairs with the College. Non-Sabbatical Officers play a key role in the Student Council with regards to their campaigns as well, and will be held accountable by Council. 


Is it worth standing on Council?

Short answer: Yes.

Being on Council can allow you to convey your ideas and thoughts to members of the Executive Committee, who regularly meets senior members of the College and discusses about important matters regarding academic affairs to estates and facilities. Sabbatical Officers sit on various College committees and so being involved in the Students' Union can give them more feedback about what students are experiencing and how to improve services provided by the College. Even attending as a student, you can always contribute your thoughts on how Birkbeck, University of London and the Students' Union can help improve the student experience - YOUR EXPERIENCE.


Download a nomination form and get 5 current Birkbeck students to nominate you! Please note that the dates may be wrong as the deadline for nominations have been extended. But check the dates on the Election page

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