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Tuesday 29-09-2020 - 13:19
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With Birkbeck and so much of the world remaining online during the coronavirus outbreak, we've assembled some top tips and tricks to meet other students and make new friends. We want to help you connect to the student community at Birkbeck, and make the most out of your time here.

Meet your Coursemates 

Work together on your assignments and studies and stay in touch with friends from your homes. You can use Moodle to create groups for your coursemates to join, and from here you can organise group study sessions or seminar-style discussions for free on platforms like Zoom, Facetime, Skype.  Maybe start a course Whatsapp or Facebook group to keep the conversation going all year! 

Take part in Welcome Week!

We've designed Welcome Week this year with the main goal to introduce students to one another. Take part in our calendar of events to meet new people! For instance, if you are a student with disabilities, you can attend our disabled students hangout to meet others in your community. All of our events are free for all Birkbeck students to attend. Just book your space for the events you're interested in! 

Join a Club or Society

Develop new skills, and new friendships? While that sounds too good to be true, it really isn't! Join any of our Clubs, Societies and Networks to do just that. They range from sports and general interests to academic and cultural. This is one of the best ways to meet new people while at University, even before the world moved online. It's also really easy to start your own society, so if something is missing that you want to see, you can do it yourself! 

Meet our Officers

Our Officers are students like you, that are elected to represent the student body. They are here to support you and improve the student experience - one of the ways they can do is by helping you connect with other students! Officers run campaigns to make positive changes within the College, and this is something we are always keen for students to get involved with. Reach out to our Officers and see what they're working on, and how you can get involved!

Reach out to Others

Put yourself out there and be where students are! Join Clubs & Societies; post on Birkbeck student Facebook groups; ask questions in the chat during lectures; post in forums on Moodle - there are lots of online platforms set up for students to connect with each other, you've just got to make noise on them! 

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