Student Reps: How we're improving the system

Thursday 01-02-2018 - 12:35

Last Monday: Eli, one of the Students’ Union’s Elected Student Leaders hosted an event for Student Reps, highlighting some of the Union's proposed changes to the rep system.

"One of the aspects of my manifesto is to revitalise the student rep system. The reason for this is to help support the changes you, the students, want to see.

One thing Student Leaders do is attend various committee meetings with University staff; ensuring that any decisions taken by the University take into account the welfare of students first and foremost. We want to help Reps: by making sure that they can collaborate with the Union in helping to solve any issues students approach them with.

We’re attempting to build up a network of reps form across schools and departments, so that they can share best practice and work together to help the classes they represent. We’ve started this process by compiling a Reps Handbook for students new to the role, and hosting the first of hopefully many training sessions to get reps accustomed to helping students.

Thank you to those who attended and for the great feedback, which we’ll be acting on for the next session. A big thank you goes out to the Students’ Union team for the support in making sure this happened, also to Keith for coming down to offer qualified training to our reps for Health and Safety on campus.”

-Eli 'Rabbi' Goldsobel

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