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Tuesday 29-09-2020 - 12:24
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Being a student in London can be challenging - from the sprawling city landscape to the cost of living, it can be an adjustment learning to live here. We've put together some information 5 key themes to help you get to know the city and have a great time while studying at Birkbeck! 

Open Spaces

London has a huge amount of green, open space dotted throughout. Even around Birkbeck, you have Russell Square and Gordon's Square, two idyllic squares of green perfect for a picnic. Other great green spaces include the famous Hyde Park, Regent's Park and Primrose HillHampstead Heath gives you a great view over the City. In addition to these famous spaces, there is a treasure trove of hidden gems in London - from secret gardens to hidden spaces, here are the best hidden gardens to help you hide in nature.

Free Stuff!

Despite London being the most expensive city in the UK, it has loads - and I mean LOADS - of free stuff for you to do too. Expand your knowledge by visiting the countless museums in London (including the British Museum round the corner from Birkbeck!) Pretend you're on the way to Hogwarts at Kings Cross Platform 9&3/4. You can even go mudlarking (the Thames's equivalent to beachcombing) to help clean up the environment and potentially find some cool stuff. There is really SO much to do in London without opening your wallet, so make the most of the free things this city has to offer. 

Check out this list of 101 free things to do in London for inspiration!


Being a multi-cultural city means London has a world of food to offer. From the street food at the South Bank Centre to famous curry houses on Brick Lane, there is something for everyone in London. The trick is knowing how to find it - Trip Advisor and Time Out London are handy hacks to help you navigate the city and find places to eat that don't break the bank, but still get your tastebuds ticking. 

In the meantime, if you're new to the city, here's a handy list of places to get you going! 

Tourist Spots

There is a reason London has the highest influx of tourists in the UK each year. The history and culture across the city makes for some excellent tourist spots, from the Houses of Parliament to St Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye to the O2 (previously the Millenium Dome.) Some are free, like watching the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and some are not, like visiting the London Dungeons. 

However, whatever your price range or interests, there is sure to be something in the long list of tourist attractions in London that you love! 

Check out this list of top-rated tourist destinations in London, or the 25 Best Things to do in London for inspiration!

Seasonal Surprises

Winter is coming, as the Stark's rightly said, but London doesn't go quiet in the cold months. Instead, it explodes into a seasonal sensation, with Christmas cheer and winter holiday spirit around every corner. To help you gear up for the winter months, here is a list of things to do even as the cold hits!


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