What Do Liberation Officers Do?

Tuesday 06-02-2018 - 11:27

Hello again!

With nominations now open until the 9th of February: we thought you could use a few quick updates on the roles and responsibilities of each of the positions open for nominees this election season.

There are four liberation officer positions:

LGBQT Officer

Black Members’ Officer

Women’s Officer

Disabilities Officer

Each Liberation Officer is tasked with improving the representation and student experience of the group within their remit. They are paid for their contribution by the Students’ Union, and work 7 hours a week at the London Living Wage.

Liberation Officers do amazing work to benefit students. This year, Ezimma (Black Member’s Officer) is working to tackle the black attainment gap at Birkbeck, and hopes to put on an amazing event discussing the question ‘What is Blackness?’ with music performances, academic lectures and panel discussions.

Ryan (LGBQT Officer) is working to bring students together for London Pride, and is leading a variety of projects throughout LGBT History month: including a featured stall in the library for LGBT Authors, A talk from celebrated agender novelist Lola Phoenix on the legacy of the Stonewall Riots, and restarting the Birkbeck LGBQT Society.

Meanwhile, Stephanie (Disabilities Officer) has been working to form a committee of students to begin a campaign group to lobby the university for improved facilities for students for disabilities; as well as working alongside the Union to create more accessible resources and offer more effective support.

Finally, Sophia (Women’s Officer) has set up a campaign group for women students at Birkbeck, and organised several events throughout the last term. She also has two upcoming events in the form of a discussion of the recent ‘Time’s Up’ and #MeToo movements countering sexual harassment and violence; and an all-day conference discussing the issues faced by Student Mothers.

If you’re interested in the work Liberation Officers do, why not consider yourself for the position? Nominations are open until 1pm on Friday the 9th of February. You can put your name forward for an officer position for the 2018/19 term over on our website.

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