What do Student Leaders Do?

Thursday 25-01-2018 - 10:36

Hello you!

With nominations now open until the 9th of February: we thought you could use a few quick updates on the roles and responsibilities of each of the positions open for nominees this election season.

There are two Student Leaders, and they are essentially the primary campaigners of the Students’ Union. They are the face of the organisation, and act as the first point of contact for anyone here at Birkbeck who wants to act on anything that improves student life. They are paid for their contribution, and work 22 hours a week at the the London Living Wage.

Eli (Rabbi) Goldsobel is one of the 2017/18 Student Leaders. He was elected on a manifesto promising to foster cultural integration and a sense of shared community at Birkbeck (The ‘Coexist’ Campaign) and to establish a network for all Student Reps so they can receive better support in their roles.

Student Leaders are passionate about improving things. Their main priority is to work on the pledges they make in their manifesto, meaning that as long as your manifesto is popular with voters you can run on whatever platform you want!

... Within reason, of course.

Nick Baker is the second 2017/18 Student Leader. His manifesto pledges were to work towards convincing the University to operate a 24hr Library, and to help the wider University of London campaign to bring outsourced workers back in-house.


If you’ve got something you feel strongly about, and believe you can help make things better for Birkbeck students - why not nominate yourself today? Becoming a Student Leader is an amazing opportunity to bring the issues that you feel strongly about to the people who can make a difference. Nominate yourself to be a Student leader today.


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