What is Student Council?

Monday 09-01-2017 - 05:37


The format and appropriateness of BBKSU Council may be under review under the current Union restructure and governance review. At present, BBKSU Council meets at least once per term and is the largest regular meeting of student representatives, in it's current format it can be understood as the following....


- A meeting of elected representatives.


Student council is when all your elected student representatives/officers formally meet to shape the work of BBKSU. Our democratic procedures require these meetings to ensure that elected officers are in contact & have the opportunity to comment & vote on SU business.


Council is constituted as per our standing orders. The majority of the council membership is elected through cross campus ballot, in elections that provide all students with the opportunity to run for positions &/or vote for their preferred representatives; a few positions are appointed (positions are often eligible for co-option through the year if found vacant, if you're interested in joining council, contact us). 


- An opportunity to propose, amend &/or scrutinise BBKSU Policy.


BBKSU policy can be created through the work of various committees/boards, however council is the formal opportunity for all Birkbeck students to submit their ideas for consideration. Proposals are formatted as motions that will be debated and then voted upon by council members. If a motion passes, the relevant policy & procedures will be created/amended where possible.


Council will also vote on dated policy that is due to expire to decide whether it is still relevant or should be allowed to lapse. This ensures that live policy reflects current student voice.


- A forum for students to discuss relevant subjects.


Many council meeting agendas will contain topics for general discussion. These topics will be submitted by the SU Executive committee, however popular topics on the ideas page will be added where time allows. Often they are opportunities to inform students of relevant issues and to hear students' opinions/officer positions on these topics. 


- An accountability mechanism


Your student officers are elected with a mandate & the responsibility to work for the students they represent. Council provides members with the opportunity to hear how officers have spent their Union hours and to vote on whether an acceptable report has been submitted.


If you have any questions about council, submitting motions or the SU restructure please contact us.


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