Birkbeck Heroes: Nominees

We have a number of awards available in our 2021 Awards. This year we're focussing on our Birkbeck Heroes; our incredible students and staff members who have had a huge positive impact on the Birkbeck Community! Students are able to nominate individuals that they believe deserve to celebrated for their contributions throughout the year! Below you can find all of the categories available this year - you can find out more by clicking each title!


In such a trying year, we’ve been so inspired by our incredible students who have been dedicated to enhancing the experience of other students at Birkbeck. Has society president worked hard to keep activity going? Do you have a friend who’s been hard at work campaigning to improve the Birkbeck experience? Have you, or someone you know, spent the year organising virtual activities or study sessions to keep your course connected? This award aims to celebrate an individual or group that have gone above and beyond to grow and benefit the Birkbeck community.

Isabelle Habib Paolo Loreto
Anna Cusack Tomas McCabe
Alice Turner Carmen Jazmine Andretti
Aline Guimares Samantha


From online pub quizzes to virtual yoga workshops, events have looked so different this year; we've swapped the classroom for our front rooms and built friendships and fun through our screens. This award aims to celebrate the incredible student run events that have been organised throughout the 20/21 academic year. Has your society run an inspiring talk for it's members? Were you impressed by an activity that was organised by one of the members in your network? Did you just really enjoy a workshop that you attended this year?

Book Club Series (Women's Network) Citizen's Assembly (Enviro Society)


Course Reps are imperative to the Union's work in providing student feedback to the College and lobbying for academic change. This award aims to recognise a Course Rep that has gone above and beyond in their role. Has your Course Rep collected feedback from their Course mates and helped to make change on your course? Have they dedicated their time to represent you at different meetings and committees? Have they worked to build community within your course, department or school?

Jenna Hardco Stacey-Leigh Dolan
  Ibrahim Badmus



This award was created to acknowledge the student groups who have stood our amongst the rest, creating great opportunities for its members and building community within Birkbeck. Has your Society had a positive impact on your year? Has your student group run lots of fun events/activities for its members? Has your network gone above and beyond in their representation and lobbying work?

Creative Non-Fiction EU:IPP
Women's Network Modern British Politics


This award aims to celebrate a member of staff at Birkbeck who has gone above and beyond in their role to enhance the student experience at Birkbeck. In such a tough year, Birkbeck staff have been vital in ensuring that students feel supported while studying at home. Has a member of staff in your department gone out of their way to support you? Have they ensured that you have had all the resources that you need (and more) while studying from home? Have they helped to build community for your course?

Isabelle Habib Eva Szatmari
Esther Ranson Dr Michael Mallaghan
Mike Bintley Motha Stewart
Filipe Martins Birkbeck Library Team
Gerald Roberts Dr Caroline Edwards



This award is to celebrate non-teaching staff members who work hard everyday to ensure that students at Birkbeck have an amazing experience! Whether it's your administrator who support you with all of your enquiries or a security guard that's made you feel safe while on campus - we want to celebrate those special staff!

Isabelle Habib Melissa Steiner
Adam Whittock Anthony Shepherd
Julia Bernhardt Emma Illingworth
Maria Tosto Jenna Davies
Ida Akhtar Sue Baines
Chris Fray Tanya Botha
Eva Szatmari Chan Muu
  Ayan (Counsellor)



This award was created to celebrate staff members who go above and beyond to provide engaging and unforgettable lectures and seminars! Does your lecturer ensure that everyone understands the material delivered? Does your seminar teacher hold engaging discussions that everyone gets involved with? Are they friendly and supportive? Celebrate teaching excellence at Birkbeck

Katherine Thompson Anthony Humm Ben Gidley Marinos Diamentides
Piyel Haldar Alastair Ball Dr Oscar Suarez Steve Hirons
Joanne Woodman Xiaming Ana Da Cunha Lewin Stelios Sotiriadis
Olivia Hamlyn Brigitte Andersen Ali Burak Guven Dr Brian Gannon
Ianthi Stergiou Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones Marios Samdanis Silvia Posocco
Dr Steven Noble Dimitrios Airantzis Dr Patrick Coupar Gillian Forrester
Stacey Friend Adrian Garvey Dr Simon Green Maeve Heneke
Ulrike Hahn David Tross Karin Shields Ben Worthy
Kevin Teoh Joanne Leal Dr Rayne Dick Michaela Baker
Halvard Lillehammer Gerald Roberts Dr Craig Reeves Richard Brownlow
  Katherine Hill Qudsia Mirza  



We all know that writing your dissertation or final project is an incredibly stressful time of the year, and it's key that students have the right support during this time. This award is to celebrate the staff member that students believe has gone the extra mile to support them with their dissertation or final project. If your dissertation or project supervisor has guided and supported you through your experience

Brandi Drisdelle Adam Gearey
Dr Han Tingting Stelios Sotiriadis
Dr Brodie Waddell Gillian Forrester
Dr Grace Halden Dr Michael Bintley



This award is to celebrate staff members who continuously go above and beyond to support students in their role as personal tutor throughout the year. Things can often seem uncertain, and often impersonal, when you're at university, so students really benefit from support that is both personal and reliable. Do you meet regularly with your personal tutor? Do they support you throughout the year? Do they provide you with advice and signpost you when you need it?

Wendy Ross Karen Wells
Mike Bintley Nik Wachsmann
Kerry Banister Gemma Lousley
Tim Reynolds  



New to our 2021 Awards, we're introducing 'Colleague of the Year' - a staff voted for award. At Birkbeck there are hundreds of staff members who are dedicated to Birkbeck's mission to improving the student experience. From lecturers to our External Relations team and our cleaning staff to our HR or Finance teams - we want to celebrate both our student facing and non-student facing staff members. This award was created for staff members to recognise and celebrate their deserving colleagues.

Mark Stringer Zita Hentes
Emma Yick Chan Muu