Positions being elected in the Spring 2019 Students' Union elections:

Birkbeck Students' Union is run by students for students. In the Spring Election, Student Council positions are open for election. 

If you have any issues voting, email c.morgan@bbk.ac.uk


Student Council Elections

Type of role

Positions available

Role descriptions

Part-time Officer (paid)

Student Leaders (x2)

The two Student Leaders, on a flexible 21 paid hours per week shall:

  • Engage with the College including attending at and participating in the full range of Committees and Boards
  • Ensure an authentic and dependable student voice and  effective collective representation at Birkbeck
  • Liaise with other students’ unions and relevant community groups for mutual benefit
  • Lead campaigns relevant to the lives of Birkbeck students
  • Be a member of the Board of Trustees
  • Take on other reasonable responsibilities as determined by the Council and the Board of Trustees from time-to-time. 
Part-time Officer (paid)
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Black Members Officer
  • Womens Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Officer 

The Liberation Officers, on 7.5 paid hours per week shall:

  • Convene a minimum of one meeting per term for members who self-define as coming from their respective community of students that the officer has been elected to represent.
  • During their term of office, run an awareness/education campaign to promote the student community they represent.
  • Advise other Sabbatical Officers, and forums of the union, about the concerns and aspirations of the student community they represent in order for the union to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Be a member of the board of trustees.

NUS Delegate  (voluntary)

National Conference Delegates (Open, 2 posts)

National Conference Delegate (Women's Reserved Place)      

Delegates to attend NUS National Conference - the National Union of Students, which Birkbeck is affiliated (and we were a founding member in 1922). We send delegates to each annual meeting of the NUS National Conference, which determines the policy priorities for NUS for the coming year - such as the national approach to the teaching framework, global campaigns, student welfare, and sports accessibility.


Under NUS policy, we must send a delegate that is half-women, so this position is reserved for a women candidate.


If you have any queries please submit them to the Deputy Returning Officer at c.morgan@bbk.ac.uk