Spring Election 2019 timetable 

The Election Timetable for Spring Election 2019 is subject to change by the Returning Officer.


Date and Time



Monday 21st January

Nominations open

Login to your SU account via https://www.birkbeckunion.org/user_groups/my_nominations  and submit your nomination and manifesto for any positions that you are eligible to stand for. 


Friday 15th February

Nominations close

This is the last day you can submit your nomination for any positions that you are eligible to stand for. Full details can be found here: LINK.

Please submit your nominations via https://www.birkbeckunion.org/user_groups/my_nominations . Alternatively, you can submit your nomination to the Deputy Returning Officer via email at c.morgan@bbk.ac.uk

All nominations submitted after the cut-off point of Friday 15th February at 5PM will be rejected.


Monday 18th February 1pm-2:30pm

Monday 18th February 9pm - 10:30pm

Tuesday 19th February 3pm - 4:30pm

Candidates Training

Meet your fellow candidates and learn everything you need to know about running a successful election campaign!

Room TBC


Monday 25th February 8pm-10pm

Room TBC

Candidates Q&A (Official Hustings)

Further details to be issued to candidates including the venue for this event which will be broadcast on social media and posted on www.birkbeckunion.org/elections


Friday 22nd February 5pm

Manifestos Deadline and to Withdraw

You can edit your manifestos until 5pm. If you wish to withdraw, please contact the Deputy Returning Officer at c.morgan@bbk.ac.uk by 5pm on this day


Monday 25th February 10am

Voting opens

You will receive an email letting you know immediately that elections are open and a link to allow you to immediately vote without having to login.

The ballot, using a transferable voting system will be online at www.birkbeckunion.org/evoting_election_votings


Friday 1st March 1pm

Voting closes


Friday 1st March 4pm

Announcement of Results in G20 

Election results will be announced in MAL G20 and online at www.birkbeckunion.org/elections



If you have any queries please submit them to the Deputy Returning Officer at c.morgan@bbk.ac.uk