The National Societies Awards is an annual awards ceremony that nationally celebrates the cotributions to student groups across the the United Kingdom. It was first held at the University of West England UWE in 2016 and is an annual event supported by the National Union of Students. To be shortlisted against hundreds of other student groups is considered an fantastic feat. 

For Birkbeck Students' Union, the National Societies Award celebrates the successes and achievements of student societies from across the UK. Every year, over hundreds nominations are submitted to the societies awards from across many universities and students unions. In 2018, the Birkbeck College Applied Linguistics Society were delighted to find that they had been shortlisted for Best New Society - beating hundreds of other Clubs and Societies from across the country.

The Students' Union Activities Coordinator can only submit one nomination for to each category based on their evaluation of each Club and Society's activities throughout the academic year. They cannot submit multiple nominations for the same category for different clubs and societies. 

However, all Clubs and Societies are encouraged to submit their own nominations to the National Societies Award. If you are a interested in submitting an application, you should speak to the Activities Coordinator about your submission and ask for guidance on the shortlisting process.