This year, Birkbeck Students' Union will be creating a Student Activities Committee to help support the development of Clubs and Societies at Birkbeck Students' Union by having its key stakeholders take a more active role in developing a better student life community through Clubs and Societies here at Birkbeck. 

The Student Activities Committee meets at least once per term to discuss matters relating to student activities, review grant applications. The Committee are here to represent the views and opinions of all students that are involved in a club and/or society at Birkbeck. They work alongside the Students' Union's Executive Commitee and staff team to support, promote, and improve club and society opportunities.

We currently do not have vacancies for a Societies Representative and a Sports Representative.

If you are interested in attending the Committee as an observer for the day, please get in touch with the Activities Coordinator.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Student Activities Committee shall be:

  • to review clubs and soceities affliations, grants applications, and societal complaints and disciplinary; and

  • to implement the decisions of Student Council, General Meetings, Emergency General Meetings and Referenda; and 

  • to report Students' Union Executive Committee on its work; and 

  • to facilitate the representations of students within the student-led clubs and societies; and

  • to consider the day to day activities of clubs and soceities.


Terms of Membership


Students' Union Representative, Chair

Nicholas Baker

Activities Coordinator, Secretary

Kevin Lau

Societies Representative

Michael Best Jr

Societies Representative

Alexander Holmes

Sports Representative

Nikos Skarlaftis


Meeting Dates

Time and Venue



Thursday 20th September

4PM @ Room 121, 43 Gordon Square



Thursday 18th October

Funding Allocation


Wednesday 21st November


Thursday 13th December



Thursday 17th January


Thursday 14th March


Thursday 13th June