Important Student Group Information Update (11/03/21)

It’s Election season at Birkbeck Students’ Union!  

As member of Clubs & Societies, we want to remind you that Elections are coming to choose your new Committees. Nominations are open now for the positions on your group’s Committee, and you can nominate yourself until 1pm on March 12th. Voting for all members of your group opens on 22nd March! 

But wait – there's more. The Spring Elections to choose the Students’ Union Officer Team 2021 – 22 is open alongside the Clubs & Societies Elections. Elected students make up the Officer team, the leaders of the Students' Union. The Officer team sit on the Trustee Board and lead the work of the Union each year. You can become a Students' Union officer to lead campaigns, make change and get paid to represent students in creating a better experience at Birkbeck. 

As members of Club & Societies, you are already involved in the Birkbeck community and engaged with the Students’ Union. Your experience in Clubs & Societies and knowledge of the Birkbeck community would make for an excellent addition to the Students’ Union Officer Team, and a truly effective representative of students.  

If you are already a committee member of a Club or Society, then you already have experience in leadership, decision-making and representation. These are just some of the essential skills the Students’ Union Officer Team develop during their time in Office! 

By nominating yourself for one of the 8 part-time roles up for Election, you could make substantial positive contributions and changes to the student experience at Birkbeck alongside your studies.  

To nominate yourself for a position, simply log in to your Birkbeck Students' Union profile, and head to your 'Profile/Account'. This can be found by hovering over your name once logged in. In here you will find a tab reading, 'My Nominations', and within will be all the positions you are eligible to run for. Click submit, and your quick and easy path to nominating yourself will open!

If you cannot see your group, it will be because you are not an official member! Rectify this by simply heading to your student group's page and select 'Become a Member'!

Nominations close on 12th March at 1pm!  

For more information, please contact the Activities Coordinator at