The following information is to inform you about the Students' Union's Rules and Regulations in terms of student activities. The information here is not exhaustive and should provide you with enough guidance over how you should manage your society. The information prepared by the Activities Coordinator and will be routinely updated.


Even though some regulations in the Students' Union and College seem trite and insignificant, many protect the rights and safety of its students. The Students' Union and College takes these regulations seriously and may take action when deemed neccessary. While running a Club or Society is a voluntary and can be time consuming, failure to follow safety protocols or other legal requirements are serious offenses. Should there be something that you are unfamiliar with or unsure about, please get in contact with the Students' Union.



The Students' Union


Ticketing Events

We encourage you to this is an important matter of safety. When you're able to ticket the event, we are able to check who is attending the event and ensure the safety in those who do attend. 









Following rules and regulations in set by the Students' Union and College provides accountability. Keep records of your transactions, communications, and decisions. 




Each student club and society is responsible for its own compliance with data protection legislation insofar as the personal data it holds and uses is outside the control and responsibility of the College and Students' Union. Data protection legislation sets out rules and standards for the use and handling ('processing') of information ('personal data') about living identifiable individuals ('data subjects') by organisations ('data controllers'). Since 25 May 2018, the main piece of relevant legislation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The below guidance aims to help Birkbeck, University of London student clubs and societies meet their core obligations with regard to data protection legislation. 

Under the GDPR, data controllers need to pay fees to the ICO. However, most student societies will be exempt from this requirement because they are small not-for-profit organisations (those data controllers that were exempt from registration with the ICO under the Data Protection Act 1998 are similarly exempt from the requirement to pay fees under the GDPR).  The exemption from the requirement to pay fees does not mean that student societies are exempt from compliance with the rest of the GDPR.


Currently at Birkbeck, students may choose to use their personal emails as part of their communications with the College, whilst others choose to opt-in and use their College email account (ending with Nevertheless, you should treat all information the same.


At times, we may request a data audit and to establish what kind of information does your Society hold. 


A committee member should be designated as a Data Controller for the Society. This responsiblity should be 


As a Society that administrates people's personal details



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Student Discipline Policy

Birkbeck is committed to providing the highest quality academic and work environment where all are welcomed, respected and treated in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Any student whose conduct is inappropriate may be subject to the disciplinary proceedings laid out in this Policy