For the purposes of this document, the term 'social media' is used to describe dynamic and socially-interactive, networked information and communication. Example sites include, but are not limited to: multimedia and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or similar; wikis; blogs; community discussion forums; and review or ratings forums. Social media may be used privately, as well as for professional purposes.


The Students’ Union does not and will not recognise any of other mediums as Clubs or Societies that is affiliated with, and encourage all Clubs and Societies to use their respective Society group accounts.

Student Societies who do start up Social Media accounts should inform the Students’ Union and provide information regarding all access holders. This is to ensure that if the Society Committee was ever to lose access, the Students’ Union can make reasonable attempts to regain access.

The Students’ Union is not responsible for any content published by these accounts, as the Society Committee are solely responsible as the account holders. 

While we cannot stop you from using Social Media platforms as a way to communicate to your members, and the Students’ Union encourages you to put a disclaimer on. We encourage you to use your official group’s website on as the official means of communication. In addition, Committee members responsible for their Society's social media accounts should be mindful of their digital footprint, and take into consideration how posts may impact on themselves and others both now and in the future. Should you 

The College also recently published a Social Media Principle for both Birkbeck staff and students. It is important to recognise that Birkbeck does not monitor staff and student use of personal social media accounts (accounts that do not use the College name or logo, and which express the user’s personal views). External Relations may collect items posted on social media which relate to the College, for inclusion in the College’s press cuttings portfolio. Staff and students who use College or Student Union social media accounts must remember that they represent the College at all times when posting messages or responding to messages by others, and should act accordingly.



All College staff and currently registered students, including those on a break in study, are expected to comply with the standards of behaviour set out in this code of conduct and Birkbeck’s Computing Regulations. Students need to be aware of, and abide by, all relevant policies and regulations during their time at Birkbeck.


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