Society Contacts Page

The information here is to provide Clubs and Societies Committees and students to contact each other directly.

The following email accounts have been allocated a Birkbeck Mailbox, for the sole purpose of administrating their Club or Society. We encourage Clubs and Societies to fully utilise the mailboxes and to check it regularly.

If you are a student trying to contact a Club or Society, please remember that each of our Clubs and Societies are run by student volunteers, who are at times leading busy lives in conjunction to their students.


Club or Society




Afro-Carribbean Society



Applied Linguistics Society



Archaeology Society



Badminton Club




Basketball Club



Chinese Society



Cricket Club



Economics and Finance Society



Enviro Society



Film Society



Football Club



Geological Society



German Society



He For She Society



History Society



History of Art Society



India Society



International Students' Society



Islamic Society



Japan Society



Jewish Society



Labour and Co-operative Students Society



Law Society



LGBTQ+ Society



Machine Learning Society



Pakistan Society



PhD Network




Politics Society



Psychological Society



Rugby Club



Spanish Society



University Challenge