The information provided is for you to understand about how to start your new Club or Society.

If you have an interest that isn't represented by an other Students' Union student groups, you can form your own Club or Society. 

To get your new society ratified, you will need to find at least two other people to run it with you and it will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have the potential to gain an active membership of at least ten members within three months of affliation
  • Be run and controlled by an elected student committee of at least three officers
  • Have a unique core interest and set of activities to all other student groups
  • Have a constitution and activities that do not conflict with the Students' Union and College's values, Bye-Laws, and Articles of Association.

If you believe your group meets the criteria, complete the online form below to the Students' Union you should read through the the Student Activities Adminsitration Section for more details.