Birkbeck College Labour and Co-Operative Society

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Do you want to get more active and involved in politics, on campus and beyond? 

Have a burning desire to learn more through events, talks and workshops with MPs, councillors and activists?

Or even just chant 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' at the top of your voice every so often?

Join Birkbeck Labour, the open and dynamic hub for socialism and social democracy. We are actively involved in organising ongoing campaigns to better our student community within the university and across London. We aim to increase political education, participation and debate for all students, staff and alumni at the college, and are committed to tackling wider social issues nationally. In addition, as a social group we are a meeting place for people to get together to learn, make friends and get involved.


Terms and Conditions

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Birkbeck Students' Union groups are only open to full membership for enrolled Birkbeck students. Other membership categories may exist depending on the group's constitution and the approval of the SU's Executive Committee.

In additional to the general term and conditions for Birkbeck Students' Union organised and managed events, all our Clubs, Societies, Networks and Projects may apply additonal conditions on attendance. Examples can be, and not limited to, membership of a club or society, students from one programme or class, self-organised groups and liberation campaigns limited to participants on a self-defining basis into the group membership (e.g. LGBTQ+ students or women only).

All attendees at an event must register in advance and ensure they bring along a copy of their e-ticket and their Birkbeck student ID.