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Birkbeck Politics Society

*Week 10 update: Social at the BBK bar this Thursday 21st March: To celebrate the end of the term (and, for some of us, our final ever lectures), the Politics Society will be meeting for an informal social in the Birkbeck Bar this Thursday 21st March, from 8.15pm.
Update on the magazine: Many thanks to everyone who has submitted an article in recent weeks. If you haven't yet received feedback on your article, don't worry, we'll be in touch by 31st March.
If you want to submit an article, there's still time to do so. Please send your submission/s to  by early April.*


We encourage new members to both join via the SU website AND send your name to the email address below.

If you'd just like to be added to the mailing list, please send your name and email address to


About the society

New, official email address: 

The Birkbeck Politics Society was founded in the summer of 2018 by postgraduate students of Politics.

In its first year the Society aims to publish at least one issue of a magazine, host a public lecture or debate, and organise a couple of socials each term.

Whatever your subject, politics, or experience, do come along and get involved. For further information about how to get involved, please contact 

You might be interested in the Society if:

  1. You want to write for and/or edit a quality student magazine
  2. You’d like to organise and/or attend public lectures and debates
  3. You’re enthusiastic about politics
  4. You’re keen to add a political or publishing position to your CV
  5. You’re not much interested in the above, but would like to join people for a drink after class

About the magazine

- Vision statement: A quality periodical offering political reportage and commentary, with a particular focus on issues of pertinence to Birkbeck students.
- The themes of the magazine are politics (understood in a broad sense), economics, culture, and student life. 
- The magazine, like Birkbeck Politics Society itself, is not affiliated with a political party

- We're looking to attract articles of between 500-800 words or 1200-1500 words in length. 

-  Most articles will be in the form of an essay, interview, or review. But if you have anything a little bit more offbeat in mind, do submit it!

Submission details:

- Submissions should be saved in a Word document and emailed to Please include your name and the course you are studying.

Spring term schedule, 2018/9

  • 'Politics and a pint' social no. 2 at the Birkbeck bar: 

To celebrate the end of the term (and, for some of us, our final ever lectures), the Politics Society will be meeting for an informal social in the Birkbeck Bar on Thursday 21st March, from 8.15pm.

We'll try to grab a table or two and put up a sign to advertise our presence. I expect we'll go on until closing time, and may even head elsewhere afterwards, depending on demand.  

Hope to see you there!

Venue address: The George Birkbeck Bar, 4th floor of the Birkbeck building on Malet Street
On the map:

  • 'Politics and a pint' social at The Harrison


Join us from 7pm on Friday 8th February for an informal social at The Harrison, a very decent pub 10 minutes' walk from Birkbeck (and 5 minutes' walk from Kings Cross station). 

This will be a good opportunity to get to know new people and have a natter about politics. 

Venue address: The Harrison, 28 Harrison Street, WC1H 8JF
On the map: 

For those of you who are interested in writing for the magazine, this will be an ideal occasion to talk through your ideas.  

The event will run until at least 10pm, possibly later. 

Just to clarify, not everyone will be drinking pints... Please feel welcome to come along whether or not you drink alcohol. 


  • Magazine submission deadline - we are still accepting submissions. Please see above for submission details. Monday 25th February (week 7) 


Provisional summer term schedule

  • Public event (roundable/debate)
  • Social event
  • Plan for the 2019/20 academic year


Terms and conditions

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Birkbeck Students' Union groups are only open to full membership for enrolled Birkbeck students. Other membership categories may exist depending on the group's constitution and the approval of the SU's Executive Committee.

In additional to the general term and conditions for Birkbeck Students' Union organised and managed events, all our Clubs, Societies, Networks and Projects may apply additonal conditions on attendance. Examples can be, and not limited to, membership of a club or society, students from one programme or class, self-organised groups and liberation campaigns limited to participants on a self-defining basis into the group membership (e.g. LGBTQ+ students or women only).

All attendees at an event must register in advance and ensure they bring along a copy of their e-ticket and their Birkbeck student ID.