Birkbeck Rugby: The way forward.

Friday 26-02-2016 - 17:53

Although Birkbeck Rugby Club has not played for three years, it is enjoying  something of a revival. Under the watchful eye of captain and bon vivant Glen  Gallogly, the club is currently competing in the Premier Division of London Universities Sport Leagues (LUSL). We are a friendly club. As such, we are always delighted to welcome new faces and aim to develop each player's potential.

We place a high priority on teamwork and aim to create an environment in which attractive rugby is combined with a real enjoyment of the sport, no matter what ability.  At Birkbeck RFC we are committed to giving as many players as we can the chance to play competitive rugby, to develop their team-work skills, fitness, and sportsmanship.

Photo of the Rugby Team training at Wanstead RFC.

Unlike other institutions competing in our league, such as UCL, Imperial and others, Birkbeck does not own any sports pitches. We therefore use partner clubs' facilities by virtue of existing contacts and reciprocal arrangements. Training options are available for Tuesdays and Thursdays at Wanstead RFC, and Wednesdays at Hackney RFC. Both are vibrant clubs with a long and distinguished history, and many of our players get called up to play for both clubs on a regular basis.

At our first fitness session at Wanstead RFC we were training with the 1st and 2nd teams. One of the local lads gave an indication of what to expect: it will be a game of touch rugby, but gum shields, and potentially more robust forms of protection, are recommended. The recommendation was certainly given more weight after it was found out that a player broke his arm during training the week before. This, as we found out, was no mere fitness training. This was conditioning, Essex-style. 

"There is no doubt that rugby at Birkbeck can grow even stronger."

Since then, the team's performance on the field has been going from strength to strength. The baptism by fire of the early games have certainly not dented the team's confidence and will act as great motivation as we look to build on this solid foundation and continue to improve.

There is no doubt that rugby at Birkbeck can grow even stronger if we learn the lessons this season has taught us. In the past month the club committee has presented to Birkbeck a new development plan aimed at igniting interest in the game and ensuring the club is set to go from strength to strength.

Glen Gallogly, the Captain, giving a motivational speech.Charles Shaw featured in the black jacket.

"There is a strong possibility of winning the title..."

The recent game against UCL Medics was a particularly disappointing affair. Although we were unable to secure a win, I felt we dominated the second half and deserved more than the 20 points we earned in total. This coming Saturday Birkbeck RFC is due to play Imperial College, another exciting game to be involved with. 

Imperial won the London Premier Division in 2012-13 and, regularly fielding a total of 6 teams across multiple leagues, have both the resources and the expertise to put out a strong team for this match. Meanwhile, there is everything to play for. With two matches left to play before the end of the season, the team is top of London Premier Division. There is a strong possibility of winning the title should we win at least one of the next two games.

Team photo of the Birkbeck Rugby FC Team


Written by Charles Shaw

Photos provided by Kevin

For more information, please speak to one of the players or visit their group page.

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