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Thursday 21-01-2016 - 02:09

Having started out the season along side the year with the rugby, it has certainly had a slow start with having narrowly lost to Royal Holloway, University of London because we were short of a few players. But as the season progressed on and the word slowly passed around that there was strong number of core and dedicated members that wanted to play rugby, we have increased engagement and participation for our rugby club. We can always count on them to be advertising the Rugby Club at the student bars and out on Malet Street. Many of our players come from a wide range of degree programmes ranging from journalism to economics, and age group! 

While our main issue is that even with our core members we seem to always short of a player, which leaving us with vital positions left unfilled and thus allowing the other teams from gaining the upper hand. Otherwise the games are always fun, and everyone which participated enjoys themselves immensely. Being able to play rugby for Birkbeck has brought back many memories of their old school days (and perhaps a reminder of their current level of fitness).

After each game, there is always a chance to have some food and a couple drinks, where we would recount our successes with vivid details. At our home ground at Wanstead RFC, we always have time for dinner and drinks with each other. Being together and socialising as a team is equally important as playing as a team. This is a regular thing for the team, as we do our trainings during Tuesdays and Thursdays after half past 7. 

While Birkbeck is known to be an evening school, so the number of participants is not always as strong as we would hope during the training sessions, we can always expect a solid turnout for our actual matches against other universities. But we always welcome new members to try and join our ever expanding club. Birkbeck and the Students' Union is fortunate enough to have such a fantastic team that behaves in an exceptional and exemplary manner, worthy of representing Birkbeck. 

Overall, I would say that the Birkbeck Rugby Club is doing extremely well for its first year, as well as receiving very positive reviews from the members and spectators. We still have many challenges ahead, such as our long term funding and gaining enough members to continue on operating as a team, but that won't stop the team from battering other London universities.


Please do join the Rugby Club, you won't regret it!

You can check us out on Facebook as well, by searching Birkbeck RFC (Rugby Football Club).



Written by Mario Duarte (pictured on the right), plays on the Rugby team.

Edited by Kevin Lau

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