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Tuesday 24-05-2016 - 15:23

The Birkbeck Cricket Club Team Photo (credit: Kevin Lau)

Cricket is a great way for you to be involved in the Birkbeck student community and for you to enjoy your time at Birkbeck. Meeting and networking with other students from courses that you may not usually engage is a vital part in having a postitive student experience, while you study for your degree. From studying Accounting to Politics, a BA to a PhD, playing sports at Birkbeck brings together many students who all share a common goal - to defeat all other London universities. 

The Birkbeck Cricket team has a strong core 1st XI, with students that have many years of experience on the field. Not only that, being part of the sporting community enables students to feel a sense of community.

The Cricket Club is currently in the LUSL Cricket League Divsion 1b in this season 16/17.

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