LGBTQ+ at Birkbeck

All self-defining LGBTQ+ students are eligible for full free membership of the LGBTQ+ Campaign and Society, which are led by Alex Holmes, our directly-elected LGBTQ+ Officer.


Democratic Structures

The LGBTQ+ Officer is directly-elected by students through an online OMOV election, held in the spring term of each year.

The LGBTQ+ Committee manages the LGBTQ+ Campaign. They are elected annually in the winter term of each year. The committee is composed of positions representing different sections of our community, to ensure that our campaigns are intersectional and representative of all our members. The positions are the following:

  • Chair - LGBTQ+ Officer
  • Trans Officer/Representative
  • Women's Representative (x2)
  • Bisexual Representative
  • Black Students' Representative
  • Disabled Students' Representative
  • Undergraduate Representative
  • Postgraduate Representative
  • Mature Students' Representative

The LGBTQ+ Society is run by its own committee, who are also elected annually in the winter term of each year.

We also elect four delegates who sit on the Student Council in addition to the LGBTQ+ Officer.

The archive of resources and documents for the LGBTQ+ Committee can be found here.


Trans Campaign

The Trans Officer leads the Trans Campaign, which campaigns with the LGBTQ+ committee on issues affecting Trans students.


Get involved!

If you haven't already joined the group, click the link below!