Kevin's Top Five Tips to Bowl

Thursday 24-12-2015 - 01:23

The last time you probably went bowling was when you were at school and hanging out with your friends. Like most of us, bowling is a rare event that takes place after school or during the weekend. It might be a daunting prospect, especially when our bowling lanes do not have barriers on. 

If you are considering joining the club, here are some of my top five tips!

  1. Do not over-consume on alcohol when playing with heavy balls
    • Like driving, don't drink when dealing with heavy balls.
  2. Keep the ball going forward.
    • In the event that you play like Hana, balls should always be rolling forward and only on the bowling lane or the rack.
    • Nothing is more ridiculous when it roads sideways on the floor.
  3. Avoid very flamboyant throws
    • This usually keeps the ball out of the gutter
    • or in another lane...
    • In the rare event that you manage to actually get a strike from it, you will be expected to dance and apologise for such a throw.
  4. Don't bowl before the pins are laid
    • You don't want to end up breaking the entire game and live through the embarrassment.
    • On Saturday 23rd of Jan, a member bowled a ball before the pins were paid and sadly resulted in a ball being permanently stuck in the gutter...
  5. Avoid shouting in fits of rage...
    • Or even gloat about your bowl
    • One can never afford to lose too many friends.


I hope these five tips will help you out. What is also important is to never be afraid to ask for help! And also to have fun! :-)

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