What a knocker!

Monday 22-02-2016 - 15:53
Dsc 1031

Move over Football / Rugby, Tenpin Bowling's game on Saturday was probably the most intensive game ever to be witness at Birkbeck! 

As Mario failed to deliver the spare he needed in the tenth frame, and thus secured him second place. This left Kevin as the victorious winner of the game.

However, Hana and Dilan were eyeing for third place. Towards the tenth and final frames, Hana had successfully scored a spare and a strike, which delivered her a commendable 74, A NEW PERSONAL BEST FOR HER!!! However, Dilan performed an unexpected strike which allowed him to earn even more points! His score of X-7-1 allowed him to narrowly beat Hana by 3 points. 

Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed themselves, except for Hana, and Kevin bough everyone a milkshake and pizza for their fantastic effort.

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