This is a prestigious ceremony where the Students' Union honours and celebrates Birkbeck students and staff for their contributions to the Birkbeck Community, from clubs and societies to teaching excellence, and this upcoming Colours and Honours ceremony is an important opportunity for our members to show appreciation to the students and staff members that support us through our time at Birkbeck. Every year Birkbeck students submit many nominations of students and staff that they felt have gone the extra mile to make the Birkbeck Community great, and we encourage all Birkbeck students to nominate someone from the Birkbeck Community for an award!


It is our pleasure to announce the students and staff members of the Birkbeck community recieving an award from our annual Colours and Honours award ceremony.

Birkbeck Students’ Union was founded in 1906 to support the unique needs of students that study in the evenings; over the years we’ve grown to represent our diverse student body, proudly centring liberation and the interests of mature/part-time students in everything we do. We are committed to raising student voice and ensuring that the issues that impact our members are recognised and answered; we take the comments and policy put forward by students to College committees, University Governors’ meetings, NUS conferences, and on to Parliament on a regular basis to ensure the unique nature of our study experience is articulated at every level!

Recently our students have shown a greater desire for opportunities to engage beyond attending class; we are now home to a growing number of clubs and societies, led by committed officers who continue to provide students with activities and peer support through their voluntary efforts.

Without the interest and support of dedicated members from the Birkbeck community, none of this would be possible.

Thank you to everyone supporting our Students’ Union and our members!

Nicholas Baker and Eliyahu Goldsobel

Student Leaders
Birkbeck Students' Union


On Thursday 26th April, the following indivduals have been awarded the following:

Half Colours
Mark Anderson Ida Akhtar Askar Arslan
Michael Best Jr Dimitrios Bissias Catherine Charpentier
Dr Nicholette David Onome Edgeworth Dr Andrew Huddleston
La Young Jackson Dr Simon Jarrett Niha Azhar-Khan
Hannah King Jacob Kneen Pernelle Lorette
Dr Keith Mannock Mita Parikh Priscilla Pereira
Rajivan Rajamohan Alex Rendall Louise Rolland
Nikos Skarlaftis Mark Stringer Prof Karen Wells
Dr Noriko Yamasaki Julianna Zavodszki  
Full Colours
Ryan Auernigg Nicholas Baker Alexandra Brinker
Zoe Clarkson Keighon Elliott Dr Andy Fugard
Ryan Gouldsboro Michael Johnson Sara Hurley
Jenna Lee Thomas Noble Adrian Woodley-Cooper
Outstanding Colours
Hana Faber Sophia Moreau Mark Pimm


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has received an award from the Students' Union!

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