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Advice and Support

We don't expect you to come across problems during your studies, but just in case they do, remember that Birkbeck Students' Union Advice Service is here to listen and support you with any academic issues that may arise.

Advice Service

We are here to support you with any academic related issues you may have and to also offer guidance and support during your time at Birkbeck. The BBKSU Advice Service is impartial, free and confidential for current Birkbeck students. We aim to support your interests and gain the best possible outcome for you by helping you make the right choices. As an independent friend of the College, our Advice Service will provide you with impartial information to support you with any academic issues you may face, working with you to represent you and your case to the College.

You can book an appointment with the Advice Service by filling out the Advice Case Consent Form.

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Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are defined as unforeseen, unpreventable circumstances that significantly disrupt a student’s performance in assessment. This should not be confused with long term issues such as medical conditions, for which the College can make adjustments before assessment.

It is not possible to grant extensions on assignments or examinations, however, students can submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim if something unexpected happens that disrupts their assessments.

Our Advice Service can provide guidance to you on applying for Mitigating Circumstances. 

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Have you felt that an undisclosed mitigating circumstance has affected your performance in an assessment? Do you believe that something out of your control has affected your results, and your result could have been better? An appeal is when you request a formal review on an academic decision of an assessment within Birkbeck. Our independent, impartial and free Advice Service can support you to appeal academic decisions. 

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If you are unhappy with an action or lack of action by the College, or have concerns about the standard of service, you can submit a complaint. Our Advice Service can support you in doing so. 

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College Support Services

As well as our independent advice service, you can get support and advice on other parts of your student experience, including housing, finance, faith rooms and wellbeing. There's lots on offer here, so make sure you take a look at what services are available to ensure you're well prepared for the year ahead.

Student Services