Student Voice

Student Voice, Democracy & Representation

Birkbeck Students' Union runs a number of avenues that enable us to be effective representatives of the student community at Birkbeck. As members of the Students' Union, you're entitled to get involved in these processes to have your say and support us in elevating the student voice. It's quick and easy to get involved. Simply by providing us with your opinions and ideas you can help to shape the the student experience at Birkbeck and influence changes happening in the College. Our Student Voice team are here to help!

Autumn Elections

Each year Birkbeck Students' Union run our Autumn Elections for students to decide who they would like to represent them on their Student Council and at NUS National Conference as our NUS Delegates. Elected students sit on Student Council and hold the Officer team to account. By sitting on Student Council, you can represent your peers about causes that you're passionate about and influence the work that the Union does by proposing motions and voting on Union policy. 

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Spring Elections

Birkbeck Students' Union is led by our team of 7 Student Leaders, who are elected each year through a cross-campus ballot to represent Birkbeck students to the College. The elected leaders lead discussions with key figures in the College on behalf of Birkbeck students and direct the work of the Students' Union. 

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Course Reps

If you're a new student or continuing student looking to become a Course Rep, welcome! Course Representatives serve as a powerful voice within Birkbeck, representing the views of over 12,000 students and working to improve the academic experience. The feedback that Course Reps collect will guide the work of the College and the Union throughout the year, making sure that students input into decision making at Birkbeck! 

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School Reps

There are many ways that the Students' Union are here to support students throughout their academic experience. One way is through our School Rep project, where we hire five students, one per school, to support our Course Reps and Academic Societies their time in their role. Whether you're a Course Rep who needs support and advice or a student who would like to set up an Academic Society, our School Reps are here to ensure that our students get the most out of their studies. Applications for School Reps open soon, so keep an eye on your emails for news on this! 

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Student Council

Student Council is made up of elected Student Councillors and is the major policy making body of the Students' Union. Any student is able to submit motions or policy to Council and elected members will then vote on whether or not these motions become Students' Union policy. Council is also a chance to hear what the Students' Union Officers are doing in their roles and hold them to account. 

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