We Work For You

Without us, nothing is for us.


Everything we do at BBKSU is designed to improve your student experience one way or another: from encouraging you to self-organise, elect committees, run events and set up campaigns, through orchestrating a Freshers/Orientation program that remembers that Birkbeck is home to a wide range of students with varying interests & calendars, to sitting on College committees to ensure that we are remembered and heard when decisions are made. All of this is co-ordinated by your elected student Executive Committee & our small but dedicated staff team:


Freshers & Orientation


Academic Offence Panels


College committees


Academic Reps


Help & Advice


Governance & Representation


Student Activities


All of the above takes preparation, commitment & passion from our staff & student officers. Consider that the SU is also a business with background processes and regulations to follow, and you might think we’re a little over-stretched!; The Union relies on the hundreds of student voluntary hours our officers and helpers donate each year, each of them plays a role in ensuring we are able to provide for students and grow to meet the changing needs of the Birkbeck population.

If you’d like information on any of the above, or how you can be involved, get in touch; it’s your Union.