Complaints Procedure FAQ’s 

Not happy with an action or lack of action by the College, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the College? 


You can submit a complaint 


What you can't complain about: 

  • Requests for new or different services or facilities. This is usually considered as feedback as changes are not actioned immediately. 

  • Matters of academic judgement. This could relate to the reasoning behind marks for an assessment, fitness to practise and/or research methodology) 


Who can complain? 

  • Current students 

  • Students who withdrew from/finished their studies no more than 3 months after. 



You have up to 6 weeks from the date of incident to submit a complaint. 



Timescale of Response


1. Early resolution






Submission of formal appeal



Start of Complaint (within 6 weeks of incident occuring)



2. Formal Stage



Up to 28 calendar days

Submission of request for review of original complaint

Within 14 calendar days

3. Review Stage

Normally within 28 days but can be up to 42 calendar days. 


Early Resolution:  
Try and talk to the School or specific service regarding your concerns. They may be able to resolve the matter without the need proceeding with a formal complaint. You should be given a written explanation regarding any outcome. 


Submission of complaint: 

Before submitting your complaint, ensure to cover the below key points. Do not forget to supply as much evidence as you would like to support your claim. 

Points to include: 

  • Detailed description of the incident/ issue 

  • How this has either affected you or other parties involved  

  • Why you feel it is important to make the complaint 

  • What you preferred resolution would be- (important) 


Where to complain? 

All complaints must be submitted by yourself to: which if accepted, can lead for a formal response from an internal review of your complaint, or be independently investigated further.  

You should aim to receive a response of the investigation within 28 calendar days. 


Still want to discuss further: 

You can book an appointment to see our Senior Adviser to ensure all points have been raised on your complaints form. 

Please fill a case consent form here.