How does it work?


There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold to be achieved by meeting specific criteria described in the list. The scores will be calculated by the Activities Team upon evidence being provided that the tasks have been completed. Silver can only be obtained once Bronze has been achieved, and so on.

Once calculated, a sticker with Bronze, Silver, or Gold will be assigned to the group page. The higher the level of accreditation, the more benefits the student group will have the opportunity to unlock!




  • A minimum of 10 official members 

  • Uploaded group logo 

  • Accurate and up-to-date group page 

  • Hosted 3 events via the Native platform 

  • Completed the official elections process with the core roles filled (President, Secretary, Treasurer) 

  • Attend Welcome Fair 

  • 5 training sessions completed with at least 75% attendance (sports only) 





  • A minimum of 25 official members 

  • Hosted a Welcome Fair stall 

  • Hosted a taster session/activity in Welcome Fortnight 

  • Completed a fundraising event or campaign 

  • Hosted 10 events via the Native platform 

  • Attended 3 SU Central events 

  • Maintain an active social media presence (minimum 4 posts per month) 

  • Attended Committee Training  




  • A minimum of 40 official members 

  • Elected an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Rep onto Committee 

  • All committee to have attended Committee Training 

  • Hosted 20+ events via the Native platform 

  • Hosted a collaborative event with a fellow Birkbeck group 

  • Fulfilled membership income target 

  • Maintained a ‘Very Good’ rating via the Rate Your Group survey 

  • No walkovers given (sports only) 


Providing Evidence


Please send an email to with the followings: 

• Copy of documents or receipts 

• Copy of contract (if any) 

• Photo Proof 

Submissions are open all year round, however, some elements of the criteria will reset each academic year. Accreditation must be completed in time for Development Grant funding applications, as we will not be awarding retrospectively. 

It is the group's responsibility to keep an accurate record of your achievements if you wish to be recognised in the Accreditation scheme! Those who have been successful in their application will have their level achieved announced at the SU Awards. 



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