Student groups are ran by students, for students, so if there is a shared demand from the Birkbeck community for a new group, then we can help make that a reality. 

There is an official process you must follow to become a fully ratified and affiliated student group, which is outlined below for you to digest and use as a guide if you choose to get the ball rolling. Becoming an affiliated group with us is enormously beneficial; allowing you access to developmental funding, membership and event platforms, social media and marketing support, and the ability to book rooms on campus completely free of charge.  

Want to know more?

Why affiliate?

Becoming an official, affiliated student group comes with several advantages. 

• Maximising the student experience 

• Ability to book Students’ Union/University facilities free of charge 

• Staff support 

• Potential storage capabilities 

• Promotion via official channels 

• Financial support 

• Opportunities to apply for development grants 

The Students’ Union has a statutory duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that all risks arising from the Students’ Union activities are eliminated or controlled. The management of safety issues is a specified duty of staff, including those at a most senior level. 

The Students’ Union has public liability insurance cover for all student groups and their activity. This gives your Society the necessary protection that will cover the majority of your activities. 

By affiliating with us, we expect you to comply with the Students’ Union and the College’s rules and guidelines that are expected of you. The Students’ Union also expects every individual member of staff and all student members to show high regard for Health, Safety and Welfare and to communicate these standards to colleagues and other persons. 

How do I start?

If you have an idea for a new student group for the Birkbeck community, then there is a straightforward process you can follow to make that idea a reality. 

See below for a detailed step-by-step guide on the process. 

• Ensure that the proposed group is consistent with all values, policies, and governance of Birkbeck Students’ Union 

• Recruit a minimum of 5 students/staff who are also interested in the proposed group 

• Complete and return the ‘New Society Proposal Form’ 

• Complete and return a ‘Register of Interest’ 

• With the support of the Activities Team, run a taster event to confirm the register of interest and the quoted interest from the population. 

If the aforementioned tasks are completed to a satisfactory standard, then ratification of your proposed student group should follow. 

Supporting Resources

Gain further information and access the templates and forms necessary to start the process via our Resource library, accessible here.





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