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Welcome to the First Love Society!

First Love is a Christian society at Birkbeck University. Our motto is: Love God, Love others. No matter your background, everyone is welcome to attend our events and weekly meetings. These take place on Wednesdays at 5pm, and Thursdays at 5pm in the Malet St Building and Sundays at 2pm at the Kia Oval.


Book tickets to our latest events: https://birkbeck.native.fm/group/1626/first-love-society


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Are you interested in becoming a member or finding out more about us? Contact Alex (07908 737605) for more info!



First Love is a Christian society that is full of young, kind and passionate people, and we believe in loving God and loving others. We have branches all over the UK at nearly every university, and we organise many events such as: concerts, dance events, movie productions and movie nights to encourage students to come together, meet new people, build great relationships and develop in the faith.

We can't wait to meet you and start the year off right!


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