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Hello and Welcome to the Birkbeck Book Society! See our student leadership and committee details below, and make sure you grab your membership to take part in our meetings and events :)
See the Resources tab for our Society guide and reading list!
Social Media Manager: Yusra Zuberi  
Email: yzuber01@student.bbk.ac.uk
Treasurer: Vipul Mahendra Surwase 
Email: vsurwa01@student.bbk.ac.uk 
1st Year Representative: Joy Orejola 
Email: missjoyorejola@gmail.com
2nd Year Representative: Cass Swan 
Email: eswan05@student.bbk.ac.uk
2nd Year representative: Rabiatu Koroma 
Email: rkoroma01@student.bbk.ac.uk
Senior Member: Sandeep Talafair 
Email: stalaf01@student.bbk.ac.uk


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