About Us


About us

    Welcome to the Latin American Society at Birkbeck! We are a vibrant community of South American students and those curious about Latin American culture, traditions, and the diverse issues faced by these nations in their development. Our society is dedicated to introducing, celebrating, and preserving the rich tapestry of Latin American heritage while fostering a sense of unity among students.


    Joining the Latin American Society is your gateway to an exciting journey of cultural exploration and community building. Membership is open to all Birkbeck students, regardless of your background or level of familiarity with Latin American cultures. As a member, you'll have exclusive access to our events, activities, and a network of like-minded individuals passionate about embracing the essence of Latin America.

    To become a member, simply purchase a membership and your adventure with us! A standard membership is £5.

    By purchasing a membership you will receive information on all ongoing social, cultural and academic events, allowing you to attend them and create tight bonds and friendships with other students.

    We sincerely hope you will join us, we look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming academic term!

Events and Activities

    Our calendar is packed with a diverse range of events designed to bring the Latin American student community together and offer everyone a taste of the rich Latin American experience. These activities are but not circumscribed to the following:

    - Regular club socials such as pub quizzes/ tasting typical Latin American dishes
    - Dance classes (salsa, bachata)
    - Movie nights
    - Conferences by leading Latin American researchers and public figures
    - Social events that aim to introducing and celebrating our culture

Contact Us

    We value your input and are always here to answer any questions or address concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to us through the contact information below:

    WhatsApp group: URL: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DVBMHGtNheEIQpYWMHos9X
    Society's e-mail: su-latino@bbk.ac.uk

    Whether you're a Latin American student looking to connect with your roots or an enthusiast eager to explore the wonders of Latin America, the Latin American Society at Birkbeck is the perfect place for you. Join us in celebrating diversity, building connections, and creating lasting memories. 

    ¡Bienvenid@s! Bem-vindo!

The 2024/25 LAC Committee.

    Ivan Luzardo

    Gisselle Riquelme

    Andrei Wong


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