The Student Union elections are here!

Voting 25 May - 7 June

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The Student Union is run by students for students:

Birkbeck Students' Union is run and lead by elected students who serve as officers and representatives. The majority of elections are conducted by "cross campus" secret ballots, which are held online. All enrolled Birkbeck students (who have not opted out of membership to the Students' Union) are eligible to stand as candidates in council & officer elections, although some posts are restricted to ensure that they are held by a student that is/self defines as a member of the relevant section of the student community. Equally, students are able to vote for all positions, other than those that aren't relevant to their level, location or subject of study and/or how they've indicated they self define. #bbkelects17 

2017/18 will be a year of significant changes for the Students' Union, as outlined by the action plan report 'Getting out of neutral'.

See below for the Seven Officer posts being elected and the timeline:

Seven Officer posts:

Two Student Leader positions (16-21 paid hours per week from 1 August to 30 June) shall:

  1. engage with the College including attending at and participating in the full range of Committees and Boards
  2. ensure an authentic and dependable student voice and  effective collective representation at Birkbeck
  3. liaise with other students’ unions and relevant community groups for mutual benefit
  4. lead campaigns relevant to the lives of Birkbeck students
  5. be a member of the Board of Trustees
  6. take on other reasonable responsibilities as determined by the Council and the Board of Trustees from time-to-time. 

Four Liberation Officers: Women's Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Disabilities Officer and Black members' Officer (7.5 paid hours per week from 1 Sept to 30 April) shall:

  1. convene a minimum of one meeting per term for members who self-define as coming from that community of students,
  2. during their term of office, run an awareness/education campaign to promote the student community they represent,
  3. advise other Sabbatical Officers, and forums of the Union, about the concerns and aspirations of the student community they represent in order for the Union to be as inclusive as possible,
  4. be a member of the Board of Trustees.

One Chair of Council (unpaid):

  1. Attend meetings and Chair meetings of Student Council
  2. Attend meetings of Executive Committee, or nominate a suitable deputy
  3. Oversee the accountability of the Sabbatical Officers and their reporting to the Council
  4. Promote access to the democracy of the Students’ Union amongst the members

NB Student Council is the highest representative body (meeting/ committee) in the Student Union, and any Student Union member is able to submit motions to be debated/ discussed and passed (or not) into Student Union policy.  Elected students from each of the five schools, the sabbatical officers and other officers of the Student Union sit on Council.  

Executive Committee is the working group of Student Council, and implements and interprets Council policy.  


Election timetable

Monday 8 May 10:00hrs

Freeze date for eligibility to participate in the election.

Candidates, nominators and electors must be enrolled students at Birkbeck College. SU membership is automatic for enrolled students. Enrolled students who have opted out of SU membership may apply to re-join by updating “my communications preferences” at : You must opt back in to Student Union membership by 10:00hrs on Monday 8 May to vote, nominate a candidate or be a candidate in this election.

Monday 8 May 12:00 noon

Nominations open

All candidates MUST supply, by the Close of Nominations, a signed, completed Nomination Form (PDF). Candidates require a minimum of four nominators (who must be current SU members), but candidates are strongly encouraged to have six or more nominators, in case any of the nominations are invalid.  Download a Nomination Form (PDF).



Wednesday 10 May 21.00hrs

Prospective Candidates Meeting in MAL 351 from 9pm.

You'll be able to meet the Current Sabbatical Officer teams and learn more about what the new Student Leader roles entails. You can also submit your nomination forms to us in the meeting!



Wed 17 May 12 noon

Nominations close

Completed, signed Nomination Form (PDF) MUST be submitted before this time and this is solely the responsibility of the candidate.  Nomination Form (PDF) should be submitted to room MAL 453, MAL 454 or the Student Union reception on the ground floor.

The list of candidates should be confirmed by 17:00hrs, thereafter the candidates will be encouraged to upload and finalise their candidate statement (manifestoes) by logging in and uploading the content at 



Wednesday 17th May 21.00hrs

Candidates Meeting in MAL 351 from 9pm.

Meet your fellow candidates and how the election will take place!



Wednesday 24 May 17:00hrs

Deadline for withdrawal from the elections



Wednesday 24 May

Candidates Q&A (Official Hustings)

Further details to be issued to candidates including the venue for this event which will be broadcast on social media and posted on



Thursday 25 May 10:00hrs

Voting opens

The ballot, using a transferable voting system will be online at



Thursday 25 May 10:00hrs

Deadline to upload candidate statements to



Wednesday 7 June 12 noon

Voting closes



Thursday 8 June 21:00hrs


Announcement of Results

Election results will be announced at the Colours and Honours event.

Returning OfficerDAVE PARRY

11 April 2017





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