Food and Drink

Students who wish to go to any student bar in the UK should provide their Student Card. It is therefore handy to also carry your Birkbeck ID card with you at all times - plus if you've got one, an NUS Extra card to make the most out of student discounts!

University Student Bars and food outlets tend to be cheaper than other non-student bars in London, so they are always a good location when you're looking to save the pennies. They're also great spots to meet other sudents and get to know your fellow Birkbeckians, as well as students from surrounding institutions such as UCL and SOAS.

If you're around Russell Square, why not help yourself to a free meal provided for by the Hare Krishna people just outside SOAS. You can't miss it, there is always a queue! It starts at around 12 and last until 2 the latest.

So what's available to you at...


Malet Street

  • The George Bar (Student Bar)

  • Terrace 5: Sodexo 5th Floor Eatery (Hot food)

  • Costa Ground Floor

  • Basement Shop

Clore Management

  • Sudexo Cafe

43 Gordon Square

  • Sudexo Cafe

Student Central


  • IOE Student's Union Bar

  • Phineas

  • The Huntley

  • Richard Mully Basement

  • Print Room Cafe


  • JCR Bar
  • Refectory

When going to any student bar, students should take the necessary considerations like any other regular bar that they would go to: no anti-social or disorderly behaviour and refrain from intoxicating themselves. Students who do not respect the wishes of the staff and security may end up barred from the bar, permanently.