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The Birkbeck LGBTQ+ Campaign is the collective movement of LGBTQ+ students at Birkbeck, University of London. It is led by our directly-elected LGBTQ+ Officer, who is supported by the LGBTQ+ Committee, a council representing LGBTQ+ students, with the purpose of acting on LGBT issues and ensuring that the campaign is fully representative of its beneficiaries, including addressing inequality and promoting LGBT causes. The primary aim is for the discussion about LGBT issues; to educate, inform and empower the students.

We are an intersectional campaign, which means we value our members who come from all backgrounds. We have officer roles for: Women, Bisexual, Trans, People of Colour, and Disabilty.

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Terms and conditions

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Birkbeck Students' Union groups are only open to full membership for enrolled Birkbeck students. Other membership categories may exist depending on the group's constitution and the approval of the SU's Executive Committee.

In additional to the general term and conditions for Birkbeck Students' Union organised and managed events, all our Clubs, Societies, Networks and Projects may apply additonal conditions on attendance. Examples can be, and not limited to, membership of a club or society, students from one programme or class, self-organised groups and liberation campaigns limited to participants on a self-defining basis into the group membership (e.g. LGBTQ+ students or women only).

All attendees at an event must register in advance and ensure they bring along a copy of their e-ticket and their Birkbeck student ID.