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A community of PhD students at Birkbeck. We host social meetups and talks and help PhD students stay connected. To see our events please visit our Facebook Page.



To get in touch, either join our Facebook Group, our WhatsApp group or email us at



We are a community-based Network so we do a lot of self-organising between us within the WhatsApp group chats - if you have an idea for an event or group you want to start please post it on any of our platforms, admins will get in touch to help you organise if you need us, to help promote or set up the infrastructure fo the event like zoom links etc - but likely than not others will jump aboard to help you out and get the ball rolling. Looking forward to meeting you already and hearing your ideas.



We run this group over a number of platforms: Facebook - where we post events. The general Birkbeck PhD Students WhatsApp group, which is for general chat - wide-ranging from the trivial to discussions on current political events, sharing info, & organising events which we call 'conversations'. Click here to join the Birkbeck PhD students WhatsApp Group



We also run a community-based Shut-Up & Write everyday between 11:30 am - 5 pm, sometimes early mornings and evenings also. As we often take it in turns to host thus we use a WhatsApp group to organise and post the zoom links in, as they can change. Click here to join the Shut-Up & Write WhatsApp group.



You will notice we also host a number of events including monthly Socials, and a PhD Mums group links are easiest to find in Facebook as the event pages are static and don't get lost in the group chat of the WhatsApp groups. It worth joining us on all platforms as they all have a different feel and culture which adds a different dimension to the PhD student community experience. Feel free to join all events - you can save the date via Facebook-, they are all-inclusive, the more the merrier - the more info is in the events tab of Facebook, & zoom links are in the event info and the 'join' button.



Code of Conduct: (based on the WhatsApp Group activity but applicable to all platforms of the PhD Network): 

Terms and conditions

Click here to view terms and conditions


Birkbeck Students' Union groups are only open to full membership for enrolled Birkbeck students. Other membership categories may exist depending on the group's constitution and the approval of the SU's Executive Committee.

In additional to the general term and conditions for Birkbeck Students' Union organised and managed events, all our Clubs, Societies, Networks and Projects may apply additonal conditions on attendance. Examples can be, and not limited to, membership of a club or society, students from one programme or class, self-organised groups and liberation campaigns limited to participants on a self-defining basis into the group membership (e.g. LGBTQ+ students or women only).

All attendees at an event must register in advance and ensure they bring along a copy of their e-ticket and their Birkbeck student ID.