Top Tips from your Education Leader, Ellie Rivera.

First of all, attending the induction week can give you the opportunity to attend guided tours of the facilities led by another Birkbeck student. Here you can make friends at the same time as you get to know the university better. During these workshops you can have some questions answered regarding general issues… but golden rules that would help once the lectures and seminars get started.


One such golden rule that I would insist on the most, is reading the module guides for each one of your modules. Sometimes questions that were on the guides, were asked in seminars and by reading the guides you can get familiar with the course main points and save time for seminars.


Some of the precious information you can find on the module guides are:

  • Module aims
  • Module outcomes
  • Teaching and learning methods
  • Assessment info (including deadlines!)
  • Additional information about reading and how to make the most of the modules.

This will put you ahead of the class immediately and you will know why you are you are completing the set assessments.


Workshops in general may take away fears related to writing essays and information on who to see if you’re struggling such as the Learning Development Tutors and other workshops available.

I would say attending the induction week for me in the past has been very useful when it came to feeling like a student again and hearing about experiences from others that I could relate to, such as being a mature student and knowing that I would not be the only one struggling with different experiences.

The activities led by the SU will also be a good way to get to know your peers and have fun!

There is a book display in the 1st floor in the library where you can look at some study skills books too if you need to refine certain skills such as referencing and the different ways to referencing according to your course. This may be OSCOLA vs Harvard referencing to give an example.

Photos ot the library stall

We know that assessments can be stressful too so within the same book display we have included some wellbeing books which can teach you mindfulness techniques. This is to help you deal with the stress that comes with being a student and having to stick to so many deadlines.

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