Campaign Overview

The objective of the “Birkbeck Cares” campaign is to foster a stronger sense of community among Birkbeck students and to address the issue of student loneliness. Our goal is to facilitate the development of friendships, build networks, and raise awareness about mental health challenges faced by students. The campaign will span a two-week period, commencing on February 26th and concluding on March 8th. Throughout this duration, a series of events will be organised, each designed with the explicit purpose of alleviating student loneliness. These activities aim to provide both new and current students with opportunities for personal growth, showcasing the vibrant community and numerous resources available at Birkbeck and through the Students’ Union. Additionally, an online campaign will be launched to promote mental health awareness and highlight the support services available to those in need.

Reasons for the Campaign

It’s widely evidenced how students suffer from loneliness, even at universities with more significant resources and services than Birkbeck. When Students feel isolated from their community it can lead to a Mental Health Crisis which is a common trend amongst students within recent years. University marks a new step for many, for some it’s the first time they have moved away from family and friends, for others it’s something they have always been prepared for. The cost of living crisis is another reason as its still having a lasting impact on students. It creates a group forced to work longer hours affecting both their studies and personal time. Last term I conducted ‘The Birkbeck BIG 5’ Survey which had a high level of responses. One of the questions asked; ‘how often do you feel lonely as a student’ with 72% answering that they feel lonely most of the time. This is another of my motivations for running The ‘Birkbeck Cares’ campaign.

Additional Reasons

•   Mental Health Awareness: Many students experience feelings of loneliness, which can negatively impact their mental health (as evidenced above) and can lead to dropping out of university. The campaign can raise awareness about the prevalence of loneliness and encourage open conversations about mental health.
•   Reducing Stigma: By addressing loneliness openly, the campaign can help reduce the stigma associated with admitting feelings of isolation. This creates a more supportive and understanding environment for students.
•   Building a Supportive Community: The campaign can foster a sense of community by encouraging students to connect. Building strong social connections can alleviate feelings of loneliness and create a supportive network.
•   Academic Performance: Loneliness can impact concentration, motivation, and overall academic performance. It is also evidenced how students who have support from their peers are less likely to leave university. A campaign addressing student loneliness may indirectly contribute to improved academic outcomes by addressing these factors.
•   Improving Social Skills: For some students, loneliness may be linked to difficulties in socialising. A campaign can provide resources and workshops to help students develop effective social skills and connect with their peers.
•   Campus Engagement: Loneliness can contribute to a sense of detachment from the on campus community. The campaign can promote student engagement in clubs and events to help students feel more connected to the campus environment.
•   Online and Offline Initiatives: Given the prevalence of online learning, the campaign can incorporate strategies to address loneliness in both virtual and physical environments, ensuring that students feel connected regardless of their mode of study.


By addressing student loneliness, a campaign can contribute to creating a healthier and more supportive educational environment, positively impacting the overall well-being and success of students.


Campaign Dates

Week 1 - 26th February to 1st March

Week 2 - 4th to 8th March



William Sarenden, SU Chairman & Welfare Students Leader, emphasises:

"University comes with both its challenges and enriching experiences, yet amidst our studies, loneliness can often encroach upon us. This campaign is here to cultivate a warm, inclusive community where students feel valued and connected, all while promoting awareness of mental health and combatting student loneliness.”




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