This page also has a lot of useful information about studying here. Have a look at our assessment guide HERE if you’re looking for some key tips leading up to your exams.


Your induction at Birkbeck

Firstly, attending induction and guided tours led by other Birkbeck students is a good place to start. Here you can make friends and at the same time, you get to learn about the university just that little bit better. They offer workshops, different activities and skill-based learning opportunities you may wish to take up. The workshops are a good place to answer any questions you may have on any issues while you study.

“I would say attending the induction week for me in the past has been very useful when it came to feeling like a student again and hearing about experiences from others that I could relate to, such as being a mature student and knowing I would not be the only one struggling with different experiences” - Ellie Rivera, Education Student Leader



Reading the module guides for each one of your classes will put you ahead of your fellow students and will help with your upcoming assessments. Sometimes questions that were asked in seminars could have been found in your module guides, and by reading the guides you can get familiar with your courses main points and save time for seminars.

Some of the information you can find on the module guides are:

  • Module aims
  • Module outcomes
  • Teaching and learning methods
  • Assessment info (including deadlines!)
  • Additional information about reading and how to make the most of the modules.



Some people love it and some not so much, but as students we all have to do it. Having a note taking method that works for you will not only improve your grades but will help just that little bit more with your wellbeing. Note taking looks different amongst all students so trying out a few different ways may help you discover a new inner passion for studying. The Outline method, The Cornell method and Mind Mapping are just some of the most useful ways to consolidate your learning.


Videos on different note taking Methods:

  • The Outline Method HERE
  • The Cornell Method HERE
  • Mind Mapping Method HERE

Time Management

Keeping to deadlines and staying on track will help you stay focused while you study. Time management is a skill for life and learning a way to manage your time will help you out not only while your study but also when you leave University.

Online there are many tips on how to manage your time better but here are some short videos recommendations that you may find helpful.

Videos on Time Management

  • 5 Time Management tips to work smarter, not harder HERE
  • Ted-ed, how to manage your time more effectively HERE
  • How I manage my time - 10 time management tips HERE

Break time and Rest

We know it's easy to fall into the trap of working too hard and for too long on assignments. One thing to always remember is the benefits of taking breaks.

The benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves productivity
  • Boosts energy
  • Supports your Health
  • Strengthens memory

If you’re looking for somewhere to study or somewhere to take a well-deserved rest, you can find many different locations and student recommendations HERE.


What the University offers

The University itself offers a wide range of support for you while your study. These things include, workshops, online tutorials, Studiosity and many more which can be found here. The library also offers more specific support with things such as referencing skills and Academic guidance.


Workshops in general may take away fears related to writing essays, remember if you’re struggling at the moment, there are people such as the Learning Development Tutors and other workshops available.


If you liked this page or if you think we have missed anything let us know!


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