Current Students

All current Birkbeck students are granted automatic membership as Ordinary Members to BBKSU, which means you have access to all that we have offer from the day you enrol!

You can opt out of membership at the time of your enrolment, and resign at any time by sending an email to the SU Reception. Opting out of membership means resigning access to many of our clubs, societies, events and services; you’ll also no longer be able to vote in the student elections.

Associate Memberships

Even if you aren’t currently studying at Birkbeck, you can still become a non-voting member of BBKSU to enjoy much of what we have to offer. Students at University of London colleges, Imperial College, and any student who is a member of their own students' union that is affiliated to the National Union of Students can become Associate Members.

In some cases, if you were previously an Ordinary Member, you may be eligible for Life Membership, which grants you the ability to serve as member of a club or society committee.

BBKSU also grants Honorary Membership to advisors and those in positions of elected office, where there is not requirement to be a member prior to appointment. Presently, the Union bestows honorary membership onto the Auditors of the Union, the Returning Officer (responsible for over-seeing elections), some of the Lay Trustees and the Union's Solicitors.

If you would like more information on becoming a BBKSU Associate Member, get in touch with the SU Reception.