A bit about me...


What is your role?
As the International Students' Liberation Leader, I want to ensure the students have the best possible integration and support. To achieve this, I will contribute with my professional and personal experience and run initiatives that enhance their experience and academic performance.

Tell us a bit about yourself...
I'm an Environmental Engineer from Panamá and doing an MSc in Climate Change. I have worked in a higher education institution in Panama, where I was involved in internationalisation. I'm passionate about research, the environment, education, sustainability and development. Since I have graphic design skills as a hobby, I always add my creativity to everything I work on. At the same time, my me-time involves quality time with my family, movies, travel and doing cultural activities with friends.

Why did you run in the elections?
Since this is my second time studying abroad and I have also worked in other higher education institution, I want to contribute with my experiences to level up the international student's time at Birkbeck. In my case, I was affected by little guidance on accommodation and helpful academic resources at the beginning, so I want to make a positive change in that.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I believe that even in the bad things that happen to us, we can bring something good from them. And since I was desperate to get accommodation, I was in talks on Facebook and WhatsApp with many international students, especially from Birkbeck, for the academic year 22-23. So, my Ice breaker when meeting some of them in person was that we were so close to being flatmates!!



My Manifesto


What are your goals for the year?
My 5 top priorities for the year are:

1. Mentorship on welfare and cost-of-living measures.

2. Raise awareness of the available study skills resources so international students can transition smoothly into the new educational system and perform better in their courses.

3. Improve the international student network through events and meeting sessions.

4. Give more visibility to the international student community and their experiences.

5. Be accountable to the International Students' Officer Role.

Measures to achieve this:

Run two informative sessions before the start of the term for international students.

Do a tool guide for incoming international students with study skills resources and tips for accommodation and living in London.

Run four tools and/or networking events for international students.

Do social media posts of international students' experiences and events (monthly).



Contact Me


Email: k.beermannguerra@bbk.ac.uk


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