Sophia Moreau
Women's Officer



Hey everyone! My name is Sophia, I'm your 2017/18 Women's Officer and a full-time student in the Department of Geography. I joined the Students' Union because I’ve always had an interest in dismantling systematic inequality. In short, I found that the Student's Union offered me a new platform as an activist - one where I could have a tangible impact on broader institutional policy as well as the individual student experience.


Birkbeck was founded on the tenant of making higher education accessible to people for whom it previously was not. Although our university is trailblazing in setting the foundation of evening education, there is still progress to be made. My aim as Women's Officer is to put Birkbeck’s ethos into practice by ensuring that it extends to populations which experience additional disadvantages and exclusion from education.


Therefore, my manifesto proposes lobbying for policies which dismantle the barriers disproportionately experienced by women, such as creating provisions and support for parents and carers. I also have a number of events and activities in store for International Women’s Month, so watch this space!


Outside of the Union, I’m mainly interested in travel and volunteering. In my spare time, I’ll generally be found writing or indulging my creative side with arts and crafts.