A bit about me...


What is your role?
Every Woman at Birkbeck deserves to have a voice, an advocate, and an opportunity to reach their full potential. As a passionate advocate for women’s rights, I am excited to be your Women’s Liberation Leader. I believe that the support of women’s needs and aspirations create an inclusive and progressive community inside and outside of Birkbeck. I bring to the role my experience in commercial leadership positions and advocacy.

Tell us a bit about yourself...
Born and raised in Germany’s “Green City” Freiburg, I have a personal passion for environmental sustainability and resourcefulness. In my free time, I love to play the guitar and piano, and I also figure skate at British Gold 1 level. I am a 1st year law student going into second at Birkbeck and aspire to become a Solicitor after graduating, and have a particular interest in Cybersecurity, GDPR, and Techlaw.

Why did you run in the elections?
I have a strong passion for promoting gender equality and have been involved in several initiatives to support women in previous workplaces. As a leader, I understand the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive environment that uplifts women and allows them to explore and engage with information and opportunities. I enjoy advocating and providing a space that uplifts you, I want to see every woman at Birkbeck succeed.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I can surf, snowboard, figure skate & I can do the splits!


My Manifesto


What are your goals for the year?
My top 5 priorities for the year are:

1. Create a guidance pack that focusses on opportunities exclusively open to women. Nowadays, there are several internships, scholarships, and graduate opportunities available to women specifically. These are incredibly helpful to progress to leadership positions. I want to create a guidance pack that contains access information, deadlines, and eligibility.
The guidance pack is currently under development, with a strategic release scheduled ahead of the next summer recruitment cycle. (Term 1 Update)

2. Create safe and inclusive spaces for women to connect. Maintaining coffee afternoons and light activities that everyone can attend.
The Women's Network channels have seen an influx of new members, and two events. Plans are in place to resume coffee afternoons. (Term 1 Update)

3. Improve communication and feedback channels. Create feedback polls to be sent out every end of term with student feedback and ideas.
With the term end approaching, there is an anticipation of valuable feedback from the network members. (Term 1 Update)

4. Fortify the Women's Network, making it more vibrant and interactive. Measure signups, create regular email communication. Implement regular workshops around certain agenda points regularly (once a month or such)
The engagement within the Women's Network has significantly increased. (Term 1 Update)

5. Organise events focussed around strong female role models, sharing their experiences and advice. Invite 2 guest speakers and interact with the University of London Women's network to collaborate on guest speaker events.
Tentative agreement for speaker on International Women’s Day. Collaboration is underway to provide a platform for BAME artists and media professionals to host events. (Term 1 Update)


Contact Me


Email: m.swan@bbk.ac.uk


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