When is the Election?

You can nominate yourself between 2nd October -15th October. 

Voting will open from 16th October to 29th October. 

Results will be announced on the Birkbeck SU website on 2nd November. 

What is the Election? 

Student Union is run by students for students. As long as you are a current student at Birkbeck Students' Union you can put yourself forward for a role. We have roles in lots of capacity but all help contribute to making Birkbeck University work better for students. 

What roles are available? 

Student Parliament 

Student Parliament (previously known as student council) is the umbrella of all student roles at Birkbeck Students Union. Student Parliament have a lot of responsibilities and powers to ensure that the Union is run by students and benefits students. It's primarily responsible for serving as a discussion and debate forum for students to discuss relevant issues and propose policy proposals to the Students' Union. Those elected to a position can submit motions which if approved can alter student experience. All elected members of parliament will debate student issues and ultimately decide how the student union move forward to create positive change for students. 

Policies that have been approved by Parliament previously were AI Policy, Student Worker Rights, Postgraduate Socials and Cost of Living Impact just to name a few!

Only those elected to a Parliament position can have a casting vote at meetings. 

All members of Parliament are trained by the Student Voice team so don't worry we can help you on your way, You only need commitment and passion for student experience here at Birkbeck. 

Roles you can run for:

Running of Parliament 

  • Chair of Student Parliament (7-8 hours per month)

The Chair ensures the running of parliament is fair and benefits students. The chair is responsible for attending 5 Parliament meetings and 9 Executive Committee meetings throughout the year. While also potentially chairing other SU events throughout the year. As chair, you would receive substantial training and support throughout your time in the role. The chair will also be a contact point for all student parliament. 

  • Deputy Chair of Student Parliament (4-6 hours per month)

The deputy supports the chair in all responsibilities. A deputy must step in to chair any meetings that the chair of the student parliament is unable to as well as ensure that parliament is run fair to students. The deputy will also be a contact point for all student parliament. You would receive substantial training and support throughout your time in the role. 

Officers of Parliament 

All Officers of Parliament have to attend 5 Parliament meetings (Once every two months) plus 9 executive committee meetings (Once a month). You will also be responsible for ensuring your community is represented at parliament meetings. All the roles below have a specific community that needs to be represented in meetings to ensure that parliament is making decisions that benefit the majority of members at Birkbeck. 

  • Mature Students Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Environments and Ethics Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Fascism Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Employment Rights and Trade Union Liaison Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Clubs and Societies Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Community Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Research Students Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Care Experienced and Estranged Students Officer (4-6 hours per two months)
  • Postgraduate Students Officer (4-6 per two months) 
  • Parent and Carer Officer (4-6 hours two months)
  • Mental Health Officer (4-6 hours per two months)

Academic Reps of Parliament 

  • English, Theatre and Creative Writing Academic Representative
  • Film, Media and Cultural Studies Academic Representative 
  • Language, Cultures and Applied Linguistics Academic Representative
  • History of Art Academic Representative
  • History, Classics and Archaeology Academic Representative
  • Philosophy Academic Representative
  • Psychosocial Studies Academic Representative
  • Geography Academic Representative
  • Politics Academic Representative
  • Criminology Academic Representative
  • Law Academic Representative
  • Organisational Psychology Academic Representative
  • Management Academic Representative
  • Economics, Mathematics and Statistics Academic Representative
  • Computer Science and Information Systems Academic Representative
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences Academic Representative
  • Biological Sciences Academic Representative
  • Psychological Sciences Academic Representative

More information on roles can be found here

All roles are voluntary and are open to all current students. This position is elected on the Birkbeck SU website. 

Online NUS Delegates 

NUS Delegates can attend the NUS National Conference (17th/18th April 2024) online. NUS is a voice for students across the United Kingdom. NUS are political and campaigns for the government to create change for students. As a NUS delegate, you will represent the Birkbeck Student Union and cast a vote online on different policies/campaigns that NUS will be working towards the next academic year. This year NUS delegates will be attending the conference online only. There are three NUS Delegate spaces for current students. NUS delegates do not get a casting vote in the student parliament. 

This position is elected on the Birkbeck SU website. 

Course Reps 

Course Reps work with their department and the Student Union to create change at the course level. There are two-course reps per course per year. Course reps amplify the student voice by raising feedback from students which then bring to meetings with the Student Union and Department. Course reps will also work with Academic Reps (Student Parliament) to improve the student experience at Birkbeck. Course reps will work around 3-4 hours per month but can increase or decrease depending on student issues. Student Union will support and train you throughout your role. To find out more about the course rep role click here

Course reps are elected differently to other roles above, they are elected by lecturers/professors in departments if you are interested contact your personal tutor before the end of nominations.

How can I nominate myself?

Write a small manifesto as to why students should vote for you and why you are passionate about the role (max 500 words). This is what students will see before they cast their vote. It will also require you to submit this when you nominate yourself. You can nominate yourself between 2nd October -15th October. 

Click Here to Nominate/Vote

Any issues please email su-elections@bbk.ac.uk




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